The installation

The application is distributed as a zip file. By default, on Windows, zip files downloaded from the Internet, including all files inside, are "blocked" by the operating system. This means the application and DLL files may become unusable.

To use the application without issues, the zip file should be unblocked first before extracting its contents out. To “unblock” a file, right-click it in Windows Explorer, choose Properties from the context menu, click the Unblock button in the lower right-hand corner of the resulting dialog, and hit OK or Apply

You can now extract the content of the zip to a destination of your choice.

Unblock zipfiles

The installation can now be started by running the 'TradeTickerInstaller.exe' file. In case user account control asks for confirmation to install, select "yes". The welcome screen shows you the latest readme version. Press next to continue the installation.

Read the latest readme.txt

Select a folder to install the application. I advise to use the default folder, in case you would like to install multiple editions of Trade Ticker. Press next to configure the start menu folder.

Configure the destination folder

Set a name for the start menu folder and press next to continue the installation.

Set the start menu name

In this step, you can configure if you would like to create a desktop icon. Press next to see the installation summary.

Create a desktop icon

Review your settings and press the install button to start the installation.

Ready to install

Congratulations, you have now completed the installation. Click finish to start the application for the first time. You will find the ticker at the left corner of your screen, ready to be dragged to any location of your choice.

Installation complete

The ticker

The ticker is the main part of the application. Whatever you are doing, the actual price is always visible on your screen. With your left mouse-button you can drag the ticker to any preferred location on your screen. This position is remembered and after a restart it will automatically restore its position. The ticker consists out of 3 different sections:

The ticker window

If enabled (default), you can pause your mouse cursor above any section of the ticker for 3 seconds. This will show a timeline with the historic prices. You can double click the preview to open the full-size timeline. In the settings dialog it is possible to change the time range of the preview or to switch it off.
Trade Ticker with preview

Clicking the ticker with your right mouse-button, will pop up a menu to navigate to any of the other application sections.

Trade Ticker with preview

Each of the 3 sections in the ticker can be double-clicked with the left mouse button for fast access to a predefined functionality

Manage your alerts

The alert dialog allows you to manage several alerts. Once the price crosses this price point, it will trigger and show an alert icon in the ticker. Alerts must be set for a specific trading-pair. You can specify the trading-pair in the top-right dropdown.

The alert window

In the first column, you can specify the price on which the alert should be triggered.
The direction column specifies in which direction the price must have moved to trigger your alert.
The repeat mode specifies if the alert should only be triggered once or that the alert should stay active.
You can disable or re-enable an alert in the 'Active' column. This way you can re-use alerts at a later moment. Alerts which are only triggered once, will be deactivated automatically once triggered.

The info column provides you with information when the alarm was set or gives you the date and time when it was triggered.

Once an alert has been triggered, an alarm bell icon is shown in the first section of the ticker. A double-mouse-click will show a message with the timestamp of the alert.
Alert timestamp

Manage your portfolio

The portfolio dialog allows you to manage your personal portfolio. The total value of your assets can be displayed in the ticker too.

The portfolio window

The first columns show the trading-pair, the exchange and the most recent price.
For each trading-pair you own, you can provide the quantity and the last 2 columns will show the total value of the trading-pair.
The bottom line of the window will provide you with the total value of your assets converted in BTC, USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.
You can manage the available coins inside your portfolio via the 'Manage trading pairs' menu option.
The ticker will also display the total value of your portfolio. You can disable this option in the settings dialog.

The current portfolio value


The built-in calculator allows you to quickly convert trading-pair prices between major other currencies like Bitcoin, Euro and USD. You can select any of the available trading-pairs in the top-right dropdown.
The calculator window

Provide any of the text-boxes with an amount and converted prices will appear in the other boxes. Conversion rates are provided by CoinMarketCap.

Values can be easily copied or pasted by clicking the icons on the right.

The refresh button in the menu allows you to refresh the conversion rates.

View recent market history

The market history window shows the most recent trades of the trading-pair. You can switch between trading-pairs in the top-right dropdown.
The alert window

The main section shows the latest sells and buys. Multiple sells or buys, in a specified timeframe, will be grouped together, so you can quickly see the complete costs of a larger buy or sell.

The bottom part of the window shows the latest market history. Market history consists out of the last, bid and ask price and daily stats like volume, 24h high and 24h low.

The refresh button in the menu allows you to refresh the data. It is possible to enable automatic refreshes based on a time interval in the settings dialog.

View the orderbook

The orderbook window shows the current orderbook of the active trading-pair, selected in the top-right dropdown.
The orderbook window

The main part of the window shows all the orders in the orderbook. The colors in the orderbook make it easier to see the spreading of the bids and asks. It is also possible to set a fixed amount for the background to indicate in the settings dialog.

The bottom part of the window shows the total of all buys and sells in the orderbook.

In the first dropdown, it is possible to switch to the graphical presentation of the orderbook.
The graphic presentation of the orderbook

You can move your mouse cursor over the graph to get some more details.
Extra details of the orderbook

View the historic price chart

The timeline window allows you to view historic price charts based on various time ranges. Select a trading-pair in the top-right dropdown.
The timeline window

The time range can be changed in the first dropdown. The available time ranges are: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. It is possible that historic data is not yet available for all price ranges. In that case the price will be shown as 0.

A special time range with the name "This session" is available. This mode shows you the collected prices since application start. A minimum of 30 minutes will be collected.

The scale on the left shows the prices, the bottom scale shows the timestamps. To get an exact reading of the prices, you can move the mouse cursor over the graph.

Historic data is delivered by trade ticker or a third-party site like The source of the historic data is shown in the bottom right corner of the window.

Configure your trading pairs

The trading pair dialog allows you to manage your active trading pairs.

The trading pair window

The first two columns show the exchange and trading pair.
You can select the active pairs in the 'Active' column. Inactive coins will not be displayed in the ticker window.
For all trading pairs (active & inactive) displayed in this dialog, prices are retrieved in the background for a correct calculation of your portfolio value.
Prices for inactive trading pairs are only updated every 2 minutes.
It is not possible to remove coins which are part of your current portfolio.

Adjust application settings

Trade Ticker can be adjusted to your personal preferences via multiple settings. The settings dialog is accessible via the right-mouse-click menu.

Open the settings dialog via the menu

Each row in the settings dialog contains a setting that can be viewed and adjusted.

Screenshot of the settings dialog